Forest pavilion for the agricultural exhibition


Forest pavilion for the agricultural exhibition

Lapua, Finland



The event took place in late summer 1938; Aalto designed the highly original pavilion in June. Its external dimensions were 18 x 14.5 metres, with the height falling from 4.75 to 2.75 metres. Softly curving, with no corners, its form appeared to be free, but the plans reveal that the walls consisted of straight surfaces alternating with circle segments having a standard radius of 200 cm (the famous 'free-form' ceiling of the Viipuri Library auditorium was also based on perfectly regular repetition). The vertical panelling of overlapping poles is a variant of the Paris pavilion and the Villa Mairea. The backward-leaning flat roof is supported by eight clusters of pillars, each consisting of three unstripped pine saplings. Light enters through eleven 250 x 50 cm skylights. Various wood-processing companies had their stands and information desks in the pavilion. The building was designed quite independently on the basis of Aalto's summary instructions by Jarl Jaatinen, the most talented assistant at the office at the time, who was killed shortly afterwards in the war.

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